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ENVE M70 Thirty 29er HV/Chris King ISO Disc

Image of ENVE M70 Thirty 29er HV/Chris King ISO Disc
ENVE M70 Thirty 29er HV/Chris King ISO Disc
ENVE M70 Thirty 29er HV/Chris King ISO Disc
ENVE M70 Thirty 29er HV/Chris King ISO Disc

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ENVE M70 Thirty 29er HV/Chris King ISO Disc

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A serious Enduro wheelset for the serious rider - Usual price for custom build from £2585.94

Chris King ISO Disc Hubs - Months of design and testing went into our ISO disc hubset. During the development process, we adapted our machines to use larger bar stock when we make the hub shells. This manufacturing improvement allowed us to increase the spoke flange diameter significantly. A larger spoke flange spreads the spoke holes away from each other. Also, you can use shorter spokes to build a more durable, stiffer and stronger wheel
Make no mistake, these are not "disposable" parts. There are a lot of super light hubs out there, but will they still be working in 2 years? How about 5? If you ride a lot, 5 years is a lot of panic stops, high speed feathering and braking bumps. Like all of our other hubs, these carry a 5 year warranty. It is easy to make a really light hub, not so easy to make one that you can sell with confidence and back that up for 5 full years. Who else does this but King?
All of our rear hubs utilize our patented RingDrive™ engagement mechanism. RingDrive™ uses 72 engagement teeth on each drive ring. That means the hub engages over 3 times quicker than the standard 24 tooth pawl-type freehub. Trying to get started again in the middle of a steep uphill section? Going for the surprise jump to drop your buddies? This unique design offers instant and positive engagement that's capable of handling a torque load of over 800ft/lbs, or over three times more than most other high end hubs we've tested. It is the heart of our hub and all the rest is built around it.
Other unique features include our ultra stiff 19.5mm constant diameter axle (through the bearings to the dropouts), our time tested and proven bearings, and a 5 year warranty. All of our hubs are easily adjustable and simple to work on, requiring only two hex wrenches and a pen knife for regular maintenance.

The M70 Thirty HV is for all-mountain gravity aficionados that appreciate human powered ascents as a means to an end. HV designates “high volume” and refers to a rim geometry optimized for aggressive high volume tires. The width and strength of the M70 Thirty High Volume rim will prompt many riders to view it as the ultimate enduro, park or big mountain rim. Regardless of application, this rim is made for the rider who loves mountain biking with 2.4 to 2.5 inch tires.

By eliminating the bead hook from the top of the rim sidewall, ENVE M-Series rims have a more reliable seal, which reduces the possibility of burping with tubeless tires. The hookless bead design also mechanically improves durability and impact resistance. M-Series rims are not only stronger than previous models, but lighter and stiffer than their first generation predecessors.

Sapim CX Ray Black Spokes - As light as a titanium spoke, the CX-Ray still receives the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mould to form its specific profile. CX-Ray spokes are used by top bike racers and triathletes around the world. Even downhillers use them, recognizing their strength and flexibility. Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production make this all possible. The CX-Ray fits is all standard hub holes.
No more extra hub hole design; the hub manufacturer's guarantee is unaffected.
Almost as light as Titanium.
More long lasting than any other spokes on the market.Extremely high fatigue test results
Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production.
The best aerodynamic spoke available.
Produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel conforming to the Sapim quality standard specifications.